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Most common questions from the bride and groom

Here is very important information for those of you who are getting married and planning to book us as your wedding photographer.

How do I choose the right wedding photographer?

Think about what you like and think about your wishes. Which style appeals to you and if you enjoy people behind the camera. Book a meeting with a photographer to make sure your personalities match the photographer's. The photographer will be with you for several hours on your big day. Therefore, it is important that you trust your photographer and feel relaxed. Don't wait to ask the photographer about availability once you've found one that feels right. 


When is the time to book us as your photographers?

You are welcome to book a meeting or wedding photography when you know which month and day you are getting married. Then it's time to start planning the wedding and book a wedding photographer. Many photographers are booked several months in advance. Make sure you get your favorite photographer by booking well in advance. We recommend booking your first meeting with the photographer at least 3 months before the big day. 


Do we charge anything in advance?

When booking there is a booking fee of 25% of the assignment price, the remaining amount is paid at the time of the photo shoot with payment terms that are 15 days net after your wedding date. 
The pictures are always delivered after the photographer receives final payment.
In case of cancellation less than 2 calendar months before the work date, an additional 20% of the assignment price is charged. 
In case of cancellation 3 weeks before, the entire assignment price will be charged.  



Are the prices for wedding photography for 1 or 2 photographers?

All the prices you see on our website apply to two photographers. 


When is it time to meet?

You are welcome to book a meeting with us as soon as you have decided to get married. We can meet in our photo studio, outside at a place that suits you or digitally. 


Do you always take pictures together?

We are happy that we can photograph weddings together. Experience shows that the result is wonderful when capturing moments with four different cameras and lenses,   which work perfectly so as not to miss the most important moments from different angles. 


When will the pictures be ready?

Between May and September, the delivery time is about 5-6 weeks. A few samples (5 pictures) can certainly be delivered some day after the wedding.

The folio box: when the images were chosen - they are sent to the printer and are estimated to take about 2-3 weeks to complete.

Developed images without frame/with frame: delivery time is estimated to take up to 10 days.


How do you deliver pictures?

You get the final images delivered digitally where you can download your images from an online gallery. The gallery is open for 3 weeks from the sharing day. In addition, you get all the pictures on a USB stick.


Do you only work in Sweden or internationally?

We are open to various opportunities for photo assignments in Sweden and abroad. 


What is included in the package?

Each package includes:

1. First meeting where we go through all questions and details. We talk about your wishes and expectations.

2. The photography (number of hours depending on the package you choose)

3. Delivery of digital images (number of images depending on the package you choose)

4. Photo products are ordered separately 

Please select one of the three different packages that suits you best:


What photo products can you offer/Do you develop images  ?

We offer lots of different photo products such as:

1. Enlargements and wall pictures (with or without frame) 

2. Folio box

3.Photo albums, photo books  


Which package should you choose?

You can choose packages depending on how big you plan the wedding day to be. 

The smallest package should be enough if you don't have many guests and activities during the day. 

For larger weddings, we recommend investing in the package that includes more hours of photography and photos, to make sure we have time to photograph the whole story on your wedding day. 


How many pictures do we get?

You get a different number of images depending on the package you chose:

The larger the package, the more images included. 

The smallest package includes 100 images.

The largest package includes up to 500 images. 


What happens if the weather is bad?

We always talk about it with the bride and groom, even if the wedding day is in the middle of summer. It is important to plan and have a plan B. 

We usually go and see the venue/area after you book us as photographers for your wedding to see what possibilities we have if it rains. 


What happens if the wedding is moved forward?

Unfortunately, it can happen, but we have never experienced it.

If the wedding day has to be moved forward - hopefully we can still help you and be there as photographers, but only if we don't have someone else who booked us in advance. If we are booked for this new date by someone else, we will recommend to you which of the photographers can be on your day. 


Do we have to pose ourselves or do you pose for us?

You can absolutely trust us when it comes to posing. 

We love natural photos where you don't even think about someone taking pictures of you. But we usually borrow you for a while during the day to make some classic portraits, then we'll be happy to help with the posing. 

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