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Photography of Personnel & Operations

Staff photography

Vad är tematisk bild

What portrait photos of staff do we offer?

Where do we photograph?

In our Studio

Our modern studio is 8 minutes away by car from UppsalaCentral station and is full equipped. There are different backgrounds that we adapt to your specific needs and the theme of the photography. We use the best lighting equipment. 


Outsidephotography is most often desired but is much more uncertain.

Planning outdoor photography is almost always a challenge due to weather conditions. We always prepare a backup indoors so there are alternatives if the weather doesn't deliver.

With you

With you, it is probably the smoothest and most comfortable.

We bring our portable equipment and everything you need and find a suitable room/hall for photography.

In addition, havephotographing with you a great advantage as there is the possibility to acquirethematic imagewhich shows your business, e.g. an architect who is on a construction site ordentist in its surroundings

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Preparation for staff photography:

  • At the first meeting, we talk about your wishes and business style.

  • We bestmmer a place, day and time for staff photography. 

  • The responsible person should have informed the staff well in advance that everyone is to be photographed (which day and time).

  • Inform the staff well in advance what clothing they will be wearing.

  • We recommend having ironed and clean clothes.

  • Please bring a change of clothes/shirts or two in case we need to take more photos.

  • A long-sleeved shirt almost always looks nicer than a t-shirt, but if the company would like to have pictures of all employees in similar t-shirts with, for example, their own brand - that will be absolutely fine.  

  • Please bring your hairbrush. It will be easier to fix your hair in front of the camera if necessary. 

  • It is important for us to understand what the images should be used for (format/size)?  

Our best tips and advice for preparing before your portrait shoot

Through years of portrait photography, we have collected themmost important tips and advicefor our customers that make it easier to prepare before the photo shoot. We advise on, for example, the choice of clothes, accessories, make-up and much more. Please read the entire article on tips and advice for the best portrait here

Most frequently asked questions before and during portrait photography

We have also publishedthe most common answers to most asked questionswhich occurs before electricitysmiling during photo session. You can read all questions and answers on our dedicated pagehere.

Business photos

Business photos and what do we offer?

Business images are visual content where the focus is on showing the company's activity and operations in a visual way. We help you underline what you think is most important in the business for you and for your potential customers and future employees. 

We photograph the staff in their role at their workplaces, during coffee breaks and outdoors. 

Business photos show what your company does and how you work. 

Always individual

All companies have different image needs. Sometimes you need to create a completely new image bank to use in marketing, social media, website etc. Sometimes you want to update a website or just need a staff picture. To clarify the needs of your company, we   will be happy to meet with you to go over your wishes. Then you can tell us more about the brand and what the purpose of the images is. Together we build a plan on how to achieve this. Contact us tomake an appointment. 

Additional supplements

Our customers about us:

Thank you for capturing the feeling from our wedding with amazingly beautiful photos!! Such lovely people and we experienced a genuine desire to do a good job. Highly recommended.

Eric Ramenblad

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