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Here we are - Chaiko & Markstet

Det är vi - Chaiko & Marktedt
Yury och Lena som driver Chaiko & Markstedt Photography

Tack för att du tar dig tid att lära känna oss

We are Yura and Lena - a couple from Uppsala who capture authentic moments.

Our main task is to create a moment for you, with your soulmate, family or with yourself. 

Photography is our passion and life. We photograph when we work and when we are free because we enjoy what we do. Being behind the camera and seeing all the emotions that will remain in the picture forever - is our best prize. 

We and our cameras are ready to meet you for a special moment where you can express love for yourself and your loved ones, or maybe love for music or dance, and for what you do in life. We must be behind the scenes and be sure that all the moments are "saved". 

Just like you, we like many different things. For example, we love to travel, hike, exercise, go to the cinema, etc.  

Cooking and daring to try discovering new spices and food ingredients is one of our biggest hobbies. 

We believe in education and never stop learning new things. 

Get in touch if you have questions or concerns! We are always open to collaboration and above all to a cup of coffee together.

Why should you hire Chaiko & Markstedt Photography as your photographer? 

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Always meet the clients and get to know them before a shoot

There are always some suggestions from us and we are more than happy to receive yoursideas.

Experience working with both natural light and flash is something not many can doboast about. A huge number of both photographers and clients think that flash is unnatural, but really it's just a lack of skill.

Own, nice and modern studio with lots of equipment allows us to handle anything.

Photography is not only our work, it is our life and love and a way to see and understand the world around us.

In our work, we focus strongly on the details of each photo shoot, which creates unique images and authentic emotions.

At our place  is the goal - satisfied customers, moreover, it is so in practice because every customer  gets what they want and a little extra!

We almost always shoot two without doubling the price. Two photographers at your wedding are a must as different angles create a genuine story.

Fotografer Lena & Yura

"I have a keen eye for detail, love to create new compositions, while developing the whole concept for your photography"

Delägare av Chaiko & Markstedt Photography - Lena
Yury - delägare av Chaiko & Markstedt Photography

"I love working with light and am constantly working tocreate something new and exceptional"

We have learned from the leading photographers, continue to do so and will never stop striving to be better.

One of the things that makes our images special is that we do not "outsource" our images for editing and/or retouching, we always do them ourselves. This in turn helps us to keep an eye on details and give your photos a personal approach. We take, edit and deliver images to our customers ourselves.​

Här är vi :)

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