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Regardless of the type of photography you choose, you can always order exclusive photo products. Here are some examples of what the photo products look like, so you can find the optimal format for you.

Vad är en förstoring

Enlargement, Development and printing of images

Preserve your memories in the best way

Exempel på en bild i ram med passepartout

There are two main terms for getting images from a camera, negative or digital file to an external material such as paper, fabric, etc. The end result is very similar but the process is drastically different. Developing means getting an image from film or negative onto a photographic paper in a darkroom. We work digitally, which means that the images are printed on a printer.

Printing images from photography is undoubtedly as important as the photography itself, we think. Why is it like that ? Well, first of all you release the image's genius value so that the experience is on a completely different level. On the other hand, you create a work of art which you can easily use as home decor or decoration. We always print and frame stylishly so you can enjoy your painting through the ages without it becoming out of date. We work on reference monitors that are routinely calibrated. In addition, we use the market's top printer from Canon, which is able to deliver images up to A2 format in the highest possible quality.  All this so that you get 100% pleasure from your images.

Inramat bild med träram och passepartout

If you would like to print in a larger format or on a more complicated material, we recommend the best suppliers, and of course we will help you on the wall. What can be printed on more than paper, you might be thinking about? Well, it can be anything, you can have your picture on a mug, blanket, cardboard, pen, etc. But possibly the most unique, practical and modern is to write on an aluminum disc.

Aluminium dibond med akryl lager
  1. Layers of acrylic covering photo printed on paper ormetal/aluminum disc

  2. Aluminum disk

  3. Polyethylene plastic

Empty frame with passepartout hanging on the road

Dibond or aluminum dibond is a composite material consisting of two lacquered aluminum sheets with polyethylene plasticin between.

Other type ofprinting  is when an image is printed under a layer of acrylic. In other words isacrylicphoto is a reproduction of your photo displayed behind acrylic glass. The image is printed either as a direct print, or on real photo paper. Part of the appeal of acrylic print lies in its simplicity. Your print has oneuntouchable construction that lets the photo/image speak for itself.

Vad är Foliobox

Folio box

with or without USB stick

A unique and stylish decoration for your home

Foliobox med olika alternativ som olika färger, storlek, med eller utan USB

Foliobox is probably the most popular photo product with our customers and you will soon understand why.

What is a folio box? - it is a collection of the customer's best photos printed on high quality photo paper and framed with passepartout. Folio box is delivered in a stylish folio box. You decide the size and number of cards in the folio box. However, the minimum number of sheets in a folio box is 10.

You can always choose the color and fabric of the box at the same time as the color of the passpartout. There are all the colors for all wishes.
The best thing about folio boxes is that you can keep some of the pictures in the handmade box and hang the others on the road as art or put on a shelf. It is both fun and practical to replace the pictures every season or year. If you get a little tired, you put them back in the box or you buy a frame so that it becomes a painting.

Folio box with USB memory stick is a variant of the folio box with a designated place for the memory card. This way you can keep your digital and printed images in one place.

Foliobox kort med passepartout USB-minneskort

Customize your Foliobox yourself just the way you want

Tom foliobox
Utskriven bild med passepartout
Exempel på Foliobox med USB-minneskort
Foliobox med grå passepartout

Photo album

A classic way to keep your best.

One of our photo products is Photo Album. Fill your exclusive book with lifetime memories that will never be forgotten. Stylish and unique design is handmade and printed on high-quality photo paper.

We help you fulfill your wishes by planning how exactly your photo album will look.

Fotoalbum med USB minne i vit låda

Photo albums we offer are highly customizable. You can create albums according to your own style: color, size, number of sheets/pages. You can also add  a USB memory card and have the pictures both digitally and on paper.

Fotoalbum med hög kvalite

Se vår hela utbudet









Folio box

från 1900 SEK

Priset beror på antal och storlek av ark, färg och material av folio box

Photo album

från 2000 sek
Priset varierar beroende på antal och storlek av sidor i fotoalbumet, färg och material av folio box samt val av USB-minneskort

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