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Ett år gammalt barn står bredvid stolen och firar ett års födelsedag

Children's photography

Children's photography

Together we create memories for life

We photograph children of all ages - from newborns to teenagers.  We usually offer photography indoors in our studio in Uppsala or outdoors in a beautiful location in our or your neighborhood. Maybe a place that is your very own donut place.
Together we create memories for life.

When it comes to children's photography of small children, remember to book a time when the children are alert. If your child has fallen ill or is not in the mood at all, call us and we will reschedule the time. We recommend trying to wear clothes in neutral, earthy colors. Remember that it is better to bring fresh/new clothes than old ones.  There is the possibility of changing, so feel free to bring several pairs of pants, sweaters and dresses and we will decide together which of them will be perfect for the photo shoot. 


When it comes to photographing teenagers, we first brainstorm ideas with them and ask them for inspiration. 

We've all been their age too,  so we know exactly what it feels like when it comes to mood swings and insecurities. 

Every teenager has a unique style and that's great! Everyone is different and it is most beautiful in each individual  photography. Understanding and respecting the teen's creative taste gives us a better idea of exactly what types of photos they would be happy with.

Nordic style

Nordic or also called Scandinavian style is simple, functional, minimalist, stylish and subtle. As for colors, they are earthy, often bright and subdued.

Exclusive images

Customized and individual images like no other. Our props, props and editing stills provide something unique and exclusive.

In a photo studio, outdoors or at your place

We love working indoors and outdoors. It doesn't matter if it's in the garden, in our studio or at your home, - we create the magical story wherever you are.


One year photography

Are you ready for some belly laughs and a fun mess? 

What is "Smash The Cake" ? A cake smash an American trend where a one-year-old smashes his nice birthday cake and the moment is captured by a professional photographer. In Sweden, a Smash the cake photo shoot is a 1-year photo shoot with or without a cake that the whole family loves. It's a great way to celebrate and create a timeless memory of your child's first birthday. 

This is how Smash the cake works with us

Furnishing and decorationfor each birthday/smash the cake is individual and decided together with you in advance. You share with us the desiredcolor themesand type of decorations you like, we take care of the rest. On the photo shoot itself, we will start with one or two classic portraits of a yearling. Parents and siblings are welcome to be in the picture! Immediately after the birthday child feels comfortable in the studio - the cake arrives.

The first reaction and emotions are the funnest moments during the photo shoot. Some children are more cautious and it takes some time before they start to taste the cake. Others crush the cake immediately. 

The photography usually takes about 1 hour. 

We do not arrange the cake but can recommend some good pastry chefs who can help with baking and decorating a cake for your one-year-old.

Delivery & Editing of images

Your gallery is ready for viewing approximately 2-3 weeks after your smash the cake photo shoot. You will receive an online proofing gallery where you can then select your favorite images and place your order. We edit and the selected images and deliver them to you digitally as a final gallery where you can download them directly to your computer. 

Prints, folio fox, albums and other wall art can take up to 3-4 weeks from order date.

Christening photography

More than just memories

 Baptism is much more than a nice tradition to follow. It's a party for life, regardless of whether the dops are small or large. It also does not matter if doping is held in a church or at your home. We love to photograph and capture loving moments regardless of place or time. Christening photography lasts 2 hours, so there will be a number of photos. After the ceremony, we go through the photos and select the ones that pass our quality review. You get 60+ edited images in digital format. Photo albums, folio boxes or developments can be ordered separately. You can read more about our photo productshere

This is how baptism photography works

 To book us choose the way to get in touch with us that suits you best. Keep in mind that many of the weekends during the spring-autumn period are booked for weddings, so make sure to book at least a few months in advance. Please tell us a little about what you want with photography and which parts of the baptism we should cover. We are happy to discuss photography details and our routines via phone, digital meeting or physical visit to our photo studio. After that, we'll see you at the photo shoot itself. We photograph before, during and after the ceremony. After the baptism, we take some group photos outside the church. Pictures are delivered in about 2-4 weeks depending on the season.

Christmas card photography

Nice tradition and memory but exclusive pictures

Photography for Christmas cards is an occasion where during November and December we decorate our studio with the Christmas theme so that you can take the opportunity to create a nice Christmas card that you can send to your loved ones. We hang up a nice background and put one on the floor, take out our nice Christmas decorations and take photos for about an hour.

We prefer muted colors that are more earthy and suit the Nordic style. In addition, we don't add many props and keep it clean.

This is how Christmas card photography works

You book us by phone, email or form. On the day of the photo shoot, you must all try to wear the same clothes as possible. Even more important is to have similar colors of clothing. Try to avoid strong colors and clothes with strong visual patterns such as checkered or striped. 

Photography takes place for about an hour, but can be extended if desired. We photograph you according to your wishes and can always extend photography to family photography where everyone gets their portrait.

We then edit images and deliver in about two weeks via online gallery.