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Gravidfotografering hos oss
Treåriga dotter kysser gravid mammas mage under fotografering

Pregnancy photography


Every pregnant woman would like to have the perfect maternity photo shoot. To
photographing you and your growing belly, a new developing life is exciting and a must. With
many practical upcoming questions, so maybe the maternity shoot is the last thing on your mind? We
can promise that you and your family will appreciate the magical images when the children were born, it
we know from our experience.
Pregnancy is a gift that should be celebrated, catered for, taken extra care of and photographed.

Vi älskar att fånga magin i din graviditet med vackra och minnesvärda bilder. Med vår erfarenhet och känsla för detaljer skapar vi unika fotografier som du och din familj kommer att älska för alltid.

Låt oss hjälpa dig att föreviga den vackra stunden när du bär ditt barn. Vi kommer se till att din graviditet blir en minnesvärd upplevelse som du kommer aldrig glömma. 

What is a maternity shoot?

A pregnancy photo shoot is a photo shoot that is taken during pregnancy for a soon-to-be mother. We glorify the unity between mother and child through photography.

When should you plan your maternity shoot?

We would like to recommend planning maternity photography at the end of your 7th or during the 8th month of pregnancy. During the third trimester, your belly will be just the right size. At that point it will be big and beautiful, but not so big that it is difficult for you to move and change position.

Just don't wait until the last minute to schedule your shoot! Plan ahead with us and get started in your calendar well in advance.

What can you expect from us as your pregnancy photographer?

  • Comfortable and luxurious photography and a nice experience from pictures.

  • You fyear the style of photography you want

  • If you have difficulty deciding on style and wishes with the photography, we are happy to advise you on style, colors, posing and more

  • Photography outside or indoors

  • Selection and loan of dresses, fabric and props for photography

  • Choose your favorite images from our online gallery

  • Accurate and personalized editing and retouching of your favorite photos

  • Choice ofphoto products as FOIL BOX,PHOTO ALBUMorMAGNIFICATION

  • We make sure that the entire process from meeting to delivery of images is smooth and easy for you
    To be yourself, to feel being happy and letting yourself be filled with happiness are the secrets to a perfect photo shoot. We will capture the magic and the most important emotions in life..

Fotoaccessoarer för gravidfotografering

Props, Background and Lighting

The background is a personal choice; a maternity shoot usually involves being indoors in the studio or outdoors in nature depending on the weather, wishes and planning. In our studio we have many different beautiful backgrounds and if you have a piece of beautiful forest near you or some other incredibly scenic area that would make the perfect background, we will gladly come with our equipment and photograph you.

Being photographed outdoors can mean a little better planning and adaptation when you want to take advantage of the most beautiful light conditions, such as before sunset or when it is a little cloudy and the light is at its softest.

If you prefer to use props in our studio or at your home, we will be happy to tell you more about which dresses, which colors would suit your maternity shoot. In our assortment there are different fabrics and props and props in different colors and styles that suit everyone.

Lighting is the big part that determines exactly which style you want: a little more dramatic or with lots of light and as few shadows as possible.

The wardrobe

You are very welcome to bring your favorite maternity dresses and other clothes. We have a large selection of fabrics in different colors and accessories. For example, there are:

  • Soft silks that are prefect for flowing (of course we have a wind machine to bring the image to life)

  • Delicate white chiffon mainly used in full-body portrait photography of pregnant women

  • White, soft cotton that is good at showing off the stomach

  • French lace that makes your pregnancy portrait so elegant and soft.

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