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10 månader nyfördd tjjej

Newborn photography

Newborn photography

Chaiko & Markstedt - fotograf av nyfödda i Uppsala

Vi är specialiserade på att fånga de första ögonblicken av ditt lilla underverk. Varje nyfött barn är unikt, och vi strävar efter att skapa minnesvärda och tidlösa bilder som du kommer att älska att dela och bevara för livet.

Med en mjuk och kärleksfull approach skapar vi en trygg och lugn miljö för både barnet och familjen under fotograferingen. Vi fokuserar på att fånga de små detaljerna, de söta ansiktsuttrycken och den oslagbara kärleken mellan er.

Fotoateljé & Rekvisita

Vi har även en fotostudio utrustad med en mängd fina rekvisita och props för att göra varje fotografering unik och personlig. Oavsett om du önskar klassiska porträtt, ömma ögonblick med hela familjen eller konstnärliga bilder som fångar barnets första dagar, är vi här för att förverkliga dina visioner.

Kontakta oss idag för att boka din session och låt oss tillsammans skapa magiska minnen för er familj att chera för alltid."

Fotografering av Nyfödda barn

Life's Very First Photoshoot

What is a newborn photography? - it's the absolute first photo session of your life as long as you don't count on an ultrasound examination during pregnancy.

Newborn photography is a rather special and niche photography industry that requires a different approach, experience and equipment. We are trained and experienced baby and newborn photographers who deliver unique images with emotion.

We recommend photographing newborn babies within 14 days of birth so that we can pose the baby. It takes at least 3 hours to photograph the baby because deep sleep is required to be able to pose newborns. During the photoshoot, mothers usually feed, rock, change diapers and put their newborns to bed, and a calm and harmonious environment is required to have a relaxed baby. During these three hours, there is of course time to take family and sibling portraits if you wish. If the baby doesn't want to fall asleep, we can still take nice pictures. We use Baby Shusher (White noise) to create extra calm. There are tons of props to choose from. 

You book a newborn photography session by pre-booking a time during the pregnancy one week after the expected delivery. If the baby arrives earlier than expected, or later, we reschedule the time to suit.

If your baby is older than 14 days, you can book in for a standard session but still get newborn-inspiring photos with nice props.

We recommend that you book your newborn photography well in advance.

Our studio is located in Uppsala with free parking facilities. 

Life's first photo shoot.  

A newborn portrait - such a moment where time stands still.

Newborn photo is not the same as child photo?

Why is newborn photography not the same as child photography? First of all, because a newborn baby sleeps best during the first 14 days of its life, a so-called deep sleep. It allows us to pose the baby quite freely for a longer period of time. In addition, a newborn baby sleeps during the entire photo session, which children older than 2-3 weeks do not.

Exclusive images

We strive for something exceptional and new every time we shoot. We have no goal to repeat photos we have already taken but try to create new compositions and themes.

With the help of our experience, fine props and props, we can really offer all our customers something exceptional. 

Newborn photographer with experience

We have learned from the best newborn photographers in the world who lead the newborn photography industry. We have undergone both theoretical and practical training in correct and safe newborn handling and include a certificate.

Our biggest teachers and inspirers are Viktoria Surzhko & Kelly Brown.
Your children are in safe hands.


About our photostudio

Our studio is located west of Uppsala between Flogsta and Stenhagen. The studio is modern, fully equipped but also cosy. Especially for newborn photography, we have newborn stands that are both safe and very comfortable. We use the Baby Shusher (White noise) to create an extra calm atmosphere for the baby.

For you parents, we have a comfortable sofa, tea/coffee, music and some snacks to relax while we work on.

Outside Fotoateljé there is a parking lot.

Props, Props and Decorations

We have lots of exclusive, hand-sewn clothing, fabric, props and various decorations.

Our color/gamma on all our props are close to the fabric and have a Scandinavian touch. We avoid strong colors and work   mainly with faded and neutral colors.

In addition, we have many incredibly nice wooden props such as a swing, wooden and metal buckets, moon and much, much more.

Our recommendations

1. Please book your newborn photography well in advance. A few months before is probably a reasonable time for us to plan you in our calendar.

2. Due to the fact that babies sleep best and have long stretches of deep sleep in the first 14 days, we recommend that photography takes place no later than 2-3 weeks after delivery.

3. Feel free to bring a pacifier. Even if you don't use a pacifier, you should have it with you.

4. Please bring a coaster so we can have it under backgrounds.



Please call or email us when you are pregnant (after week 32 of pregnancy). We book a preliminary day that is as optimal as possible for your child (about 7-14 days old).


We plan your photo shoot by meeting in the studio or digitally. You get some tips to think about and see what possibilities you have in terms of theme, colors, clothes and other nice props.


The photography takes 3-4 hours where we have full focus on children's photography. The mother or boththe parents have the opportunity to sit on the sofa, rest, drink coffee and listen to calmer music between amning.

Image display and delivery

1-2 weeks later, you get to look at your photos and choose the ones you like the most. We will send you a link to your gallery with the best photos that we have taken during the shoot. 

There are usually around 30-50 images to choose from. After you have chosen your favorites - we edit them and deliver digitally 1-2 weeks later.

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