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Common Questions and Answers before portrait photography

Here you will find answers to the most common questions that arise regarding photography, routines, etc. before you come to us. Also, there are points that you probably didn't think about, but  will. It's always nice to keep track of what's happening before, during and after a visit/photo shoot with us or outdoors.

Why Chaiko & Markstedt Photography?

We work in pairs, and it works great as we try to divide our tasks. While one of us concentrates on lighting and other technical issues, the other helps pose you in front of the camera and works on decor and other props that will be more in the photos. During wedding photography, it is especially important that we work together with four cameras with different lenses, capture the moments from different angles so as not to miss the important moments on the big day. 

Two photographers are always better than one - nice right?


I'm never good at pictures, can you do something?

Looking good in the photo is not the model's responsibility at all. Why is it like that? Portrait photography is part of psychology and knowledge. We help you feel comfortable in front of the camera by not only telling but showing how to pose in the best way. 


What is the purpose of the photography?

One of the most important questions for you who intend to be photographed with us is probably what should the image highlight  and where should it be used? We talk about purpose together before the shoot to achieve the best result. 

All photo sessions have different themes, purposes and goals. There will be more colors, hair blown, some looks in terms of fashion photography. If you wish to take business portraits - it will be calmer colors and classic backgrounds. Newborn photography takes place in the special corner of the studio where we have a secure booth with all possible props for our smallest models. 


Do you only photograph in the Photo Studio or outdoors as well?

We shoot anywhere as long as you are comfortable with it. In our Photo Studio or outdoors matters less to us.

We have all equipment that is portable/battery powered and can be used exactly where you want. We are happy to talk to you and decide together which premises would suit you best. 


What clothes should I wear for the photo shoot?

Clothing is an incredibly important detail that should be given high priority. If it is not a thought to have it, please avoid checkered, striped and colorful clothes. Darker, faded clothes are something that always suits both lighter and darker complexions.

For family/group photography, it is especially important to dress in similar colors and, if possible, in a similar style. The reason for this is that we should not complete the image and do not draw attention to multicolored or patterned clothing. We recommend that you get inspired by scrolling through Pinterest images before the shoot. 


How does a photo shoot take place?

Photography takes place in the studio or outdoors. We always start with a chat and some tea/coffee. We listen and ask questions that help us get a picture of your wishes and the photography. Soon after, we start filming. If you want to try photography in different shifts, you are most welcome to do so. Light and background can also be changed if you or we think it suits better. During the shoot, we like to take breaks and look at pictures together. In this way, we will not miss what is desired.

If you want to know more about how it goes with portrait photography, you can readhere


When will the pictures be ready?

It depends a little on the season and how many pictures are ordered. Summer is the peak season and we are busy with wedding photography. Then the delivery time can take up to 4-5 weeks.
There are of course exceptions, if you need pictures urgently, we prioritize it so that you get your pictures on time.


Is it good with makeup, accessories? 

When it comes to make-up, it's "just right" that counts. Too much makeup interferes with the natural color that you have and the photos can look a little unnatural. This also applies to fashion photography.

Accessories, on the other hand, it's a little different and more accessories usually appear positively in pictures. Watches, arm/necklace, earrings, all of these add texture to an image. It's kind of like comparing 2D and 3D images.

It is details that complement the image and make it from good to brilliant.


What is included in the package?

Packages usually include photography + a specific number of images based on what  the package foresees.
You can always customize the package by purchasing multiple images if desired. 


What photo products can you offer/Do you develop images  ?

We offer various photo products. Among the most popular are Folio Box and Photo Album. Foliobox is a handmade box/box with selected cards framed in passepartout. You can use them for framing or decoration of,  e.g. shelves, tables and walls. You choose colors and materials yourself or with our help.
In addition, there are Acrylic and Aluminum paintings, Printing on Gypsum and Cardboard.

Of course, there is also the traditional development/printing on matt, gloss or semi-gloss paper.


What is your style?

Every photographer has their own style. Our style definitely has a Scandinavian character. What do we mean by "Scandinavian character"? - it is above all stylish. Not strong colors either. We love natural colors and soft shadows, although we almost always have a little dramatic touch to our photos.

Exceptions apply to weddings where we always stick to the light color scheme.


Who poses a model/you?

It is always the photographer's responsibility to pose you and make sure you look nice and natural in pictures.  Let us take care of it. 


How many pictures do we get?

We have time to film some even for a shorter period of time. You get an opportunity to see all the best photos after the shoot. We will post them in an online gallery that only you have access to. You choose the pictures you like the most and want to buy. After that, we retouch exactly the ones you have chosen and deliver digitally. 


How do you deliver pictures?

We deliver images via online gallery. When the images are ready, you will receive a link via e-mail. In the gallery you can see and choose the pictures you love the most and want to buy. You mark them as your favorites by putting a star on the pictures.

After retouching and editing, you will have access and the ability to download all images to your device. We recommend that you download the images to at least two secure devices/locations although we will keep the images in our archive for five years. 

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