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How to choose the right wedding photographer - most important tips and advice for those looking for

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

It is not always easy to find a good photographer who will deliver what is expected. Below we have collected the most important points that will help you to be satisfied with the photographer and the pictures from your wedding.

Fotografering av bröllop i Uppsala och hela Sverige
Wedding photography throughout Sweden

Find the right wedding photographer

Try to get an idea of what you want with wedding photos

Good photographer - excellent photographs

Surely it can be difficult to choose when you don't know what you want? However, it is crucial to try to understand what is attractive in one, each photographer has his own style which consists of image composition, light, tonality, editing that captures your interest. Try saving images you see online In its own gallery and eventually you will have a picture gallery which then has to be matched with a photographer who is certainly out there.

Hire a professional wedding photographer instead acquainted amateur

Having an acquaintance or relative take wedding photos can be a good idea considering the budget, but think twice. Professional wedding photographers usually live by being able to really capture the moments that will make you happy for many years to come. So try to think of it as part of important investment instead.

Furthermore professional photographer has most of the times equipment that is able to produce much higher quality of the photo and video content than amateurs.

Take the time to scout out a wedding photographer in your area or a little further afield

It may sound a bit obvious but use the trusty search engine "Google" to find photographers in your area or even a little outside (most photographers are willing to travel). Feel free to take time during your coffee break at work or at home to go through the photographer's picture gallery. Every photographer has his own style, which can be seen in the way the photographer composes the image, which tonality he prefers, focus on details, etc. You will understand quite quickly which photographer you like more and which ones will probably not fulfill your wishes. Feel free to make a list so you don't lose or forget who was the best. Always meet your photographer to see if it clicks between you.

Trust your intuition

A girl with closed eyes
Trust your feelings

When it comes to choosing the right photographer, you have to trust your gut feeling that usually tells you the right thing. If you have met a photographer or perhaps seen a picture gallery that evoked great feelings, it is a good start. Personal chemistry between you and the photographer is extremely important. Devote some time to meet your future story teller.

Don't settle for a low budget

Calculating budget
Budget calculation

Wedding photography can be perceived as quite expensive but it is worth investing. Low priority and budget is something easy to regret later.

It is priceless when you take out the photos and look at your best memories with your spouse or family from a completely different angle after a while.

The price for the photography varies anywhere from 1000 to approximately SEK 4500/per hour. It might sound easy to just advise not to skimp on a wedding photographer, but that is usually the case. If you like the photographer and the portfolio, there is a very good chance that you will be satisfied with the images you receive. Otherwise, you risk paying and not being satisfied with the images, and then it is not so easy to just redo.

If you have an opportunity to hire 2 photographers go for it!

Always 2 photographers at your wedding

You may have noticed that 1 wedding photographer usually has 2 cameras on him. This is to tell the story in the best way with closer pictures and pictures of the whole party and the surroundings. If there are 2 photographers who are at the same wedding, they always manage to photograph more of the finest moments and from completely different angles, which always gives a better story. You may also have noticed that wedding photographers often hire an assistant to help take pictures from different angles. It is very difficult to emphasize how important it is to be two at your wedding. We at Chaiko & Markstedt are always 2 at your wedding because we know you will appreciate it.

Hiring two photographers also means higher costs but it is without a doubt worth it in the end

Book the wedding photographer you want on time

Weddings are usually planned well in advance, so it is especially important to get hold of your photographer at least a year before the wedding day. You then ensure that the photographer you want at your wedding is free and not double-booked. Read more about how and when to book Chaiko & Markstedt Photography here.


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