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How to book us as your wedding photographer?

Submit your request in time

Make sure you send the request to us in a timely manner. To be on the safe side and have us as your wedding photographer, you need to book about a year before the big day. If you book six months in advance, there is a chance that your particular date had been booked before.

Don't wait! fill in the form via our website or call us directly and tell us a little about your wedding, wishes with photography, date, location. After that, we can suggest photography options/packages that would suit you.

Book us

We ourselves recommend that we meet before you book us as your wedding photographers, but if you are satisfied and feel that we are a good fit for each other from the start, we can move the meeting after the booking. We take an advance payment of SEK 3000.00 which is later deducted from your package. It is fine to cancel photography at least 3 months before the wedding.

Book a meet/meeting with us and choose a photography package

When the wedding begins to approach, we book you in for a meeting in our photo studio in Uppsala or perhaps down in town where we can further talk about details of your wedding and planning photography. In other words, we get a plan and schedule that will be of great help to cope with everything and not get stressed.

You will also see and feel the fine handmade photo products in our range. You can look at them already now, more information about our photo products can be found here

Leverans av bilder och fotoprodukter

Alla godkända bilder redigeras noggrant av oss själva. Det brukar ta 2–4 veckor för att skicka en länk till ett fotogalleri där ni kan ladda ner alla bilder samt markera er favoriter. De bilder som är utvalda med stjärnor (favoriter) kommer tryckas för foliobox, fotoalbum eller förstoring på olika material. Om ni inte valt någon fotoprodukt hos oss kan ni skippa favoritmarkering.

Efter ni har fått bilder se till att ni spara de på fler säkra ställen i fall något oförutsägbart händer. Ni kan läsa mer om hur vi levererar här.

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