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Portrait photography

Porträtt som överraskar och visar en ny DIG

We at Chaiko & Markstedt take photographs portrait in different styles and see us as experts in professional portfolio photos/portraits and personal photos for companies as well as private customers.


Being an expert in portrait photography means being able to adapt light, angle and posing to the purpose of the image. If you think about the purpose and object of photography, you can say that there are several different categories such as: classic portraits; Child, couple or family portraits; Fine-Art portrait.

Portraits are really all pictures where the person is in focus.  Each group has its own way of making it stand out, lighting and posing to emphasize its purpose.

We love to build emotions and tell a story with images. using props, poses, lights, clothes and backgrounds. It is precisely where we unleash our creativity and show our skill.

Photographers at Chaiko & Markstedt Photography work both in our photo studio or on site. We offer a range of different portraits:

Do you want something more creative with your portrait?

Creative and surreal compositions of portraits and desired surroundings. We stitch together realistic images with different backgrounds to get a special feeling. Choose from fairytale, retro still, Fine-Art, high contrast (for tattoos) and much more.

Vad vill du göra ?

1/2, 1/4, 3/4 or Full body ?

Full body, upper body/headshot with 1/2, 3/4 or 1/4 proportions you choose. We work with all portraits.

Who are we photographing?

We photograph small and large, couples and families, smaller and larger groups.